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When you are looking for a coach company to use for your wedding, your selection criteria may be based on whether the coaches are clean and the chauffeurs are friendly. While these are good things to consider, there is an even easier way to weed out the wrong coach hire companies for you, from the moment you come in contact with them, saving you a lot of time and potentially saving your event.

You first need to make sure that you take note of how your quote and inquiry were handled when you initially made contact with the coach hire company. For example, you may have a wedding, reception and honeymoon planned across the UK and you need your coach and chauffeur to be able to handle all of the transport for the entire day and all of your honeymoon.

You may be leaving for the wedding from your mums house in Hereford and heading to the wedding reception which will be held in Telford. The wedding ceremony is booked for Shrewsbury and you have planned to honeymoon in Derby, away from all of your friends and family.

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Therefore, you need a coach hire company which can handle a whole day of negotiating the roads through Hereford, Telford, Shrewsbury and Derby, as well as staying professional and helpful.

When getting a quote for such a complicated hire request, you can tell a lot from how the coach hire company handles and approaches your request. For example, did you receive a quote back promptly and politely, or did the coach hire company huff and puff about the complexity of the request and suggest that you should have booked everything in the same city?

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Some coach hire companies also dont generally like handling wedding coach hire as they find they can put less effort into corporate coach hire by simply taking business people from one meeting to the next. Therefore, your request for coach hire from Hereford to Derby may be a shock to them and they may not know how to handle it. They may also simply not want to bother and will therefore return an outrageously expensive quote and take a long time to help you.

The way a coach hire company treats your quote will give you a good idea of how they will treat your event. So for a coach hire company which will not mind travelling from Hereford to Derby to make your wedding day special, contact Coach Broker now.


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